Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Tea Party's days are numbered!

Many had seen the Tea Party as bad and many voted them out last election.
And now many are seeing they are still at doing stupid things,
holding us hostage as many suffer.
The Tea Party does bad anyway, they have pulled dirty tricks
from way back. Look them up!

Personally I see the comments vanishing from the Tea Party,
being partly it's easy to pop out some fact they can't dispute one
way or another. Facts are facts. What it is, is what it is, facts!

The Tea Party being a cold virus it won't last, or it will kill you!
But over all, you know everyone will kill it before it kills them!
Take some cold medicine, it's days are numbered!
Fairness wins all the time! The Tea Party types are not fair!
It's time!

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