Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nose or Mouth

Please don't blame my writings on how I sneeze!
I sneeze out of my nose! Im one of those people that sounds
like a air horn when I sneeze. Gross but it helps blow things out
when I have a cold the runny nose never got bad for me just
the sudden shock of the sneeze hurt but I felt better afterward!

Nasty, nasty but it's a part of life deal with it!
The story here is about how many people sneeze.

There are benefits on how you sneeze like when I was a kid I sneezed
out of my nose once with my mouth closed and I blew out my earwax ball
that was clogging my ear thus making me hear better again.

Also had a teacher sort of hit me with a book because I was sneezing
a lot out of my nose in class. HONK, HONK, HONK, HONK like a air horn.
Bad but funny. I blew out DR Pepper out my nose with a ice cube that hurt the most.

But really how do you sneeze and what does it do for you is
what this story is about.

~~~~~Sneezing - Nose or mouth?
Because how do you completely close off your nose without holding
it shut? Some will always go out the nose. As for nose only,
I guess that's possible by shutting your mouth, but then you'll
simply be keeping the expelled matter in your mouth. Also from bravely
subjecting my body to experiments, the oft-heard achoo sound
can't be made with the mouth closed.

I tried to sneeze through my nose...once. Almost took my damned head off.

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