Sunday, September 6, 2015

Catherine the Great vs Walmart

Being it's labor day and me being for the workers standing up!
I really need to ask you...

Well you know about the rumor about how Catherine the Great
died right? About ropes holding back a horse from "going to hard."
In the 1700's it is mentioned that Russian peasants liked horse sod!
But the story goes that the "rope broke!" is why she died!

But I need to say like many History majors talk about.
Did the rope break, or did it sort of got let go!

Comes to the part of Walmart cutting your hours!
Did the rope break, or did the worker call the in DC?
To ask why Walmart takes losses everyday to make a sale, but
cuts hours to save money?!

Why does a $485 billion sales, $120 gross has to cut hours when noted
if the stock market takes a hit they don't cut their hours.

Cutting hours but yet push the Revenue Per Employee value.
More workers would be a better value. 
Look at your Walmart it's busy as hell!
Please call 1-866-667-NLRB  If your hours are being cut!
Let go of the rope!

So it is you (Walmart!) that is the traitor!

Happy Labor Day! And to any worker you should ask yourself that
if you are in a bad place also!