Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal

In the real life the bad resolves itself with a cost. It's something to think about!
If Iran does get a Nuke they won't be able to use it without more likely other
Nukes going to them. And to us or them in retaliation, it's best to to have a deal for all! 

America does have "Usable nukes!" very smallish So keep in mind the attack would
be smallish and to the point, if it got to that point, but at what cost?

So it's really a non issue overall as the action of Iran getting a Nuke
it would be self defeating. Why bother for them getting one vs the result.
Looking around Iran you would know it was best for Iran to have the deal.
More likely to protect Iran from being Nuked to stop them from getting a Nuke,
and other retaliations from using the Nuke.
Also the American $ helps with the deal! It's better for all!

What needed to be looked at was doing nothing at all vs having a good amount
of control over Iran in that!

Any deal was a good deal, in a time of heat, hostility without a deal
America would win in a war. I am sure they know it as we have some rabbits
to pull out of our hats yet! But there would be a cost of that, so the deal is the
best option!

Read the deal at:

Info relating to "Usable nukes!"

Other relating and good info, acknowledged why the deal!