Friday, September 25, 2015

Time magazine "Is Monogamy Over?"

I wanted to say I had nothing to do with the Time magazine story!
They covered a few parts I was talking about in my stories, but I had no effort
in the story and I received no money. I am also not credited in any part of it.

They did that on their own. Give the media does look at my stuff from time to time.
I might be on a list of info for stories as in a project for a story.
Noted from my writings from Current TV website days, I had some
crazy stuff at the time on there. I do bring ratings!

But The Time magazine story was not me!

I support Polyamory! In my own life I am in love with a Married lady.
The point is to be supportive open with respect.
I want to be the healer!

"Everyone has a right to develop a relationship
structure that works for them."

But anyway with a Married but dating type relationship is really not a big thing.
It makes everyone a better person!

But then if not then it's not, friend as a friend is ok. I don't say goodbye I say hello!