Saturday, November 21, 2015

Something to hold on to and the selfie arms

Long selfie arms is something good that stands out of the zombie land of
no individuality. To be one with everyone is to grow to something better.
And there needs to be a individuality pointing to the growth!

It gives you something to hold on to!

More than the long arms selfie I hope to see more tube arms come back!

Why? Well what are you missing in your life? For the ones you love you want the better
in life for them! I love a married woman myself and want to take her out panhandling
in another town. I do love her and want to be supportive, to date her!
Life is too short to chase after a career in your 50's you will be 60 in no time! LIVE!

And with my old lady I still support, whenever I take her out somewhere in town
I make my car backfire with her in it. People look at us, it's funny as hell.
She laughs, there is nothing wrong with fire coming out of your cars tail pipe
driving by the Red Lobster with people standing outside of it looking at us!
But the point is to be into the living! Not be a member of the zombie land!

Please think about that!

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