Friday, August 5, 2016


WalmartRamen / DuGBuG Office endorse Hillary Clinton for president of
the United States. Because of her background, history and view points that
are also on the mark.

Hillary had issues in her past, as she was working at Walmart
corp in the times when Walmart was screwing the workers anyway they could.
"Mrs. Clinton’s six-year tenure as a director of Wal-Mart, the nation’s
largest company, remains a little known chapter in her closely scrutinized career.
On other topics, like Wal-Mart’s vehement anti-unionism, for example,
she was largely silent, they said."

Her E-mails is nothing everyone still does in Government.

All campaigns are a battle and should be viewed as such.
Saying something bad about who or what ever it's always the same!
It's about strategy. What Hillary said about Bernie is like what Bernie
or staff said about Hillary. Who doesn't in history?

Also because she doesn't start wars better than they can start themselves.
The middle east starts wars by itself they don't need Hillary for that!
Really what can anyone do to start peace in a region that had peace how long ago?
This is something people need to think about! Wars are easy there you can almost
start one with a cartoon!  

She has learned from her past as times change showing what is better for the people.
All things change in time as the times change, attitudes, views etc.
Actions now speak louder that they did in the past. Like a 80's haircut!
No view stays the same!

Please vote for Hillary!