Sunday, November 6, 2016

Info, Hillary E-mail, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice used private accounts

I know I am tired of all the hoopla of Hilliary's E-mails, Hilliary's E-mails, etc,
slap, slap, slapping your chest! But how convenient not saying anything about
Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice using private accounts for classified emails!
This is really nothing new and has been going on for a long time.
And it's not just them it is common to do the same and with all there are risks
with everyone doing of the same. You can't really go after Hillary and not the others!

A rigged system? Well Trump knows about rigged systems on not paying Taxes!

And so the FBI said there is nothing of a red flag. Good! Let's move on for the better
of the country! Please vote Hillary!

It's to the fact there are conservatives that make a big thing about it
in their own light to push their Republican candidate that wants to
cut off their foot to save their toe! Like how Ted Cruz wanted to kill social security
when it would be better to fix it like raise the pay so people pay more into it!
Conservatives are backward thinkers, so intent to take us all down with them!
What granny wants to have conservatives kill Social Security with her kids
not being able to make enough money to put in to a privatized system.
Half their paycheck is garnished or making $7 after taxes their whole life.
Many grannies in my town make $5+ after taxes retirement pay.
What will others have at retirement being they never made enough
money to put into it! There is a lot of minimum wage retirement
in my town with people making $5.35 an hour retirement.

Or facts like conservatives saying "Make our America great again."
Well it was them that made it bad in the first place!
Doing the same things that don't work! If it works why is there such a divide
in wages killing sales as many are broke?! Low taxes being the poor takes in more
tax dollars in food stamps, help with the rent and bills than they pay out in taxes.

Workers not getting raises working hard making the same pay being
nickel and dimed to death with plenty high dollars cars driving around.
People saying economy is not growing fast but not seeing the do nothing
congress keeping the wages from going up for people with money to burn
spending what they earn making a need for jobs to make the things they buy.
Not the "If they wanted me to buy that than they would of paid me better!"
America is going good for me. But for the pay not going up so people can't
afford Obama Care being they make children wages.
A tax burden to us all then to cry to kill Obama Care, really just raise
their pay so they can just write a check for it!

But the point here is about those E-mails and about all the others!
Knowing the FBI 

~~~~~Survey: Many Government Employees Use Personal 
Email for Work
About one-third of government employees use their personal email accounts
for work and many do so using unsecure technology without considering the
security and privacy risks.

That’s the takeaway from a new survey performed by a company called 
Alfresco Software. The company, which makes software to help companies 
manage their documents and content, performed a survey of public- and 
private-sector employees to find out more information about how people 
collaborate and share information at work.

~~~~~Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice used private accounts for 
classified emails
Hillary Clinton’s campaign claimed vindication in the long-running emails
saga on Thursday when it emerged that two Republican secretaries of
state had also received information later deemed classified on
personal accounts.

The state department watchdog found that both Colin Powell and
Condoleezza Rice, America’s top diplomats under president
George W Bush, were sent sensitive national security information
to nongovernment email addresses.

A spokesman for Clinton was quick to seize on the findings, arguing that
they demonstrate “just how routine it is for government bureaucrats to
go overboard” in keeping information secret from the public.
Senior Democrat Harry Reid called it “a watershed moment”.

The findings come after nearly a year of controversy over Clinton’s
 decision to set up an unsecured private email server for her work as
secretary of state. Thousands of the emails have been made public but
it emerged last week that 22 have since been classified “top secret”.
The Democratic presidential candidate has described it as a mistake
but denied any wrongdoing.

Steve Linick, the inspector general for the state department, wrote in a
memo that two emails sent to Powell and 10 emails sent to Rice’s staff
contained classified national security information.

“None of the material was marked as classified, but the substance of the
material and ‘Nodis’ (No Distribution) references in the body or subject lines
of some of the documents suggested that the documents could be
potentially sensitive,” Linick wrote in the memo obtained by NBC News
and the Associated Press (AP).

~~~~~Clinton questioned by FBI as part of email probe
"Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email
arrangements while she was secretary," Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said
in a statement. "She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the
Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion."
"Clinton told MSNBC's Chuck Todd Saturday evening that the
interview was something I had been eager to do."

~~~~~AG Loretta Lynch declines to press charges against Clinton
Attorney General Loretta Lynch made it official Wednesday: Hillary Clinton will not
be charged for using a personal email server during her tenure as secretary of state,
removing a long-looming shadow over her 2016 bid.
"Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career
prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation of Secretary
Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email system during her time as
secretary of state," Lynch said in a statement.

~~~~~FBI Completes Review of Newly Revealed Hillary Clinton Emails, Finds No 
Evidence of Criminality
There were unseen emails, the official said, but they were unrelated to government
business. This letter indicates that the FBI's review is completed. Neither Comey nor the
FBI are expected to release any other statements.

*What does Hillary have to say about this?

***I want to know are they going after all those people that 
did the same thing Hillary did? Or even about all the porn looked at the FBI!
It's about time the FBI talked to Hillary. She already won the Benghazi hearing.
Like they expected her to stand guard there herself or wanted her to go there with
a AK47 and fight back in a world where you blow things up not reality!

In that I see as the conservatives failing on their conspiracy theory noted
by Fox News turning away from the hearing like how conservatives put
their fingers in their ears and pretend they didn't hear that! It's really obvious!
And it's not only Fox News it's noted as many conservatives attitude.
That points to no legitimate reasoning!

***"Need to know!" Also in government you can't list certain E-mails on a database.
Some information is kept away because it is not meant to be listed because of department
related issues. In real life the FBI has files on the CIA or more likely the kept E-mails are
hidden from the NSA. But you get the point on how government really works!
Info is private depending on relating agencies that don't need to know!
Thus the "Need to know" phrase!

***All campaigns are a battle and should be viewed as such.
Saying something bad about who or what ever it's always the same!
It's about strategy. What Hillary said about Bernie is like what Bernie
or staff said about Hillary. Who doesn't in history?

~~~~~History lesson: More Republicans than Democrats supported NAFTA
Bill Clinton was certainly a supporter of NAFTA who pushed approval through 
Congress. But it was negotiated and signed by President George H.W. Bush.
Moreover, more Republicans than Democrats voted for the deal, as the trade pact 
was vehemently opposed by labor unions. One key ally for Clinton was then-House 
Minority Whip (and later House speaker) Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), who is said to be
on Trump’s list of possible running mates.

NAFTA was a successor to a free-trade pact with Canada. Bush had viewed NAFTA 
as a political opportunity, an achievement for his reelection campaign. 
He initialed the deal on Aug. 12, 1992, before the GOP convention, and then formally 
signed it in December 1992, after he had lost the election to Clinton. 

Clinton had supported the pact during the presidential campaign but said he wanted 
to negotiate side agreements with Mexico concerning enforcement of labor and 
environmental laws. He didn’t pursue ratification in Congress till after those agreements 
were reached in August 1993 — but the deals were denounced by labor and 
environmental groups as too weak.

***Building a wall against Mexico would be a waste of time being most
coming into the US just fly in a plane into the US looking at the wall
as they fly over and stay in the US! There is no use in building a wall!

***I am sure there are E-mails Trump does not want the IRS to see! 

***The view about Hillary and all of the wars she started is really stupid...
Like she went there with a bazooka and started the wars that would of started
without her. The middle east starts wars by itself they don't need Hillary for that!
Really what can anyone do to start peace in a region that had peace how long ago?
This is something people need to think about! Wars are easy there you can almost
start one with a cartoon!

Benghazi again what could she do the attack was rolling a long time ago.
Republicans looked at it nothing pointed to her. And also from that points to
NEWS places should not accept the conspiracy theories it's like
"the mantra of the morons." Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi...

People need to look at the good, that is what is valued, what is better for the country.
Not the bipolar microscopic criticism people have for her. Let it go!

The good like State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).
Where is the talk about that? It helps kids and getting rid of it like shown, shows it works.
"In 2007, researchers from Brigham Young University and Arizona State found that
children who drop out of SCHIP cost states more money because they shift away from
routine care to more frequent emergency care situations."