Friday, March 11, 2016

Oklahoma Cigarette Tax and less food

Oklahoma's plan to raise taxes on cigarettes is noted a poverty tax.
And noted why poor towns have nothing!
This is nothing new here they did this before and of course all it did
was take the food money away from the family as their pay stayed the same
but the cost of cigarettes went up so the cost of cigarettes got offset by 
buying less food or eating more ramen noodles in that alone causes a 
health issue as the higher sodium content of the lower income food causes
health issues, hypertension etc.
Noted a serving size of ramen is half a package so the norm of eating 3 to 6
a day is about 10,000 mg of sodium a day.

But the point is the poverty tax of cigarettes to make more money
will make less money in other sales as they will spend more for cigarettes
and less on food!

I do agree that the money from a cigarette tax would be a drop in the ocean
as funding. And less as the cost takes other sales revenue away!

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