Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Join or Die

A good point is nothing makes life worse than not voting.
Or voting badly for people that want to take you off the cliff!
You need to vote for what is best for the country and you because
you are the country and if you are against yourself you are a...

As for me I endorsed Hillary because her E-mail issue is nothing many don't 
already do in DC now. You can't go after Hillary and not everyone else that 
does the same! It must stop and you know it will now.

She is already established in the world most Presidents know her.
And well I also like Bernie and I know we do need a socialist because of the
huge gaps in wealth. Something has to be done! But Bernie is not at the usable
level as Hillary and Really Bernie is just too old to run. Look ahead!
Nothing bad but it was something I looked at going down the road.

This is the time to be united because people are tired of being dispossessed by
Republican policies. Trying to help the poor doing everything but raising the pay
or taxes to get more funding. Being the poor takes in more tax help then they
pay in taxes and the poor pays less taxes because they have less to be taxed,
it's a duh the pay or something has to go up.
You can't go forward beating a dead horse!

The wages is going up, it hast to. It's not fair to store owners to keep their
prices low to match the poverty waged people so they can make
some kind of sale! There is no growth with that! Well what do you want
everyone doing without buying less as possible, staying home more,
without the Pursuit of happiness. It's UN-American to live like a
third world country! Even though people like it bad even if it makes
life bad for others. It's time to join and have a better life.

Join or Die! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Join,_or_Die

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