Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Be who you are set it free and the fire

The fire is the point to ask are you too stupid to understand life.
Or is your life crap living as a prisoner. People in hell want ice water
and how long are you going to wait? What are you going to say to your
maker in the end as he asks why didn't you do anything?

Living your life of your own prisonership, just standing there with no growth.
Like the mantra of the morons joining the party to nowhere. Values that controls you
or the push of fear, it's the same. Fear is a way to control people keeping you from
being free, your real self! And how are you to learn if you stay on the same road
to nowhere noted by all of the skeletons by the side of the road as they never got
there also. Like I say about the worker in the dark ages dying in the cornfield and
no one knew who he was!

As for me I fell for a married lady I met before I met her.
It would be too disabling for me to let it go. So she is worth the fire!
You can love more than one person! So I believe in polyamory, so
in that the married lady looses nothing just loved by both knowing the
point is about her the queen bee! Hoping she will take over her marriage
to fix what she needs, not to hide in her closet!

To Love more than one person you need to see the innermost self come out.
Jumping up and down letting the you out is a beautiful thing.
It's the truth coming out! And you can't do that if you just stand there with
no action!

What the hell are you waiting for?

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