Friday, October 13, 2017

The Conservatard Won!

Well you can't have the good without the bad!
Being Trump won I do need to advise because there is a need to

Stupidity is not a point of view. Well you don't want stupid people
voting for stupid so they will cut off their leg to save their toe
because they where fear mongered by Fox News and fell for the BS!
I like my legs so their point of view is stupid and not respected!

As in the point they never ask why! Why did it happen? Must be some
reason. We might want to find out so it doesn't happen again.
No! They watch Fox news as they talk about something but never ask
why did it happen!

Along with Trump comes the cultic regimes, the holly rollers pushing
to go back back to the dark ages. Dark not because it was dark being they
never ask why it was dark, no it's a lack of enlightenment.
Dark is stupid and easy to control! If you don't know what you are doing
then others will decide for you! But pushing their dark ages when they
can't even follow their own rules in the first place is stupid!
Render to Caesar but has a tax exemption. Follow the rules because
they have to! Romans 13! No they put their fingers in their ear and pretend
they didn't hear!

Separation of church and state? The first amendment "Congress shall make no
law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

Treaty of Tripoli? "Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not,
in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity
against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims); and as the said States
never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan (Mohammedan)
nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall
ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."

No they are cultic regimes because they don't follow their own rules
and live out of reality! Can't follow the rules? They make up their own rules!
Saddlebacking... The Bible loophole?

There is now a backward thinker in office, well his polices are
backward. Take away, take away. Getting rid of ObamaCare,
Gay rights and others worked at and gained. Now Reductionist values
taking away!

It's like getting rid of NASA just because of a fire in APOLLO 1!
Well with no more preexisting conditions covered that is a 50 million uninsured
hit. And this points to people wanting to get rid of ObamaCare as the same
"We don't care about the uninsured." Too stupid to know someone has to pay
for that as all things are connected. Preexisting is staying but that is not the issue.

Also medicines will go up in price as no ObamaCare to keep the price down.
I do guess at 200 million uninsured as it goes UN-affordable and dumped for
bigger paychecks. There are 180 million working class people with insurance.
There will be a big drop because of needing better pay pulling others down
with them as the cost of the uninsured cost! And the lack of affordable
medicines as ObamaCare is not there to keep the prices low!

Pay also will be expected to stagnate and lower as Trump wants to
get rid of minimum wage Or not but most Republicans fight all wage growth so...
Along with tax cuts. This helps the rich but not, as less taxes is less food stamps and
government programs being the rich don't use those programs.
And the poor takes in more tax dollars than they pay out in taxes.
I expect tax returns of $30+ but $200+ losses in food stamps and help.
Added to the lack of pay and healthcare will be more
poverty. Medical bills put people into poverty and along with low pay less help.
The labor force is in jeopardy long term. It's about the workers going unsupported
also reflecting the lack of sales.

It's like a bunch of conservatards expecting people to lower their standard
to live with no AC like they do. The Government being run like a small
town government... Make nothing, have nothing! So expect less!

Trumps Vice is a holy roller, so in that will be more religious junk
where is should not be! Attacks on Gay rights and more seen as not
holy roller! Many are protesting now anyway. And have the view or like
the NAZIS going against the Jews. Now Mexicans, Muslims, Gays!
And note that is not a issue to Democrats, being afraid of those people,
it's seen as a paranoid issue or a point for fear mongering of the
conservative media!

Also noted Trump blames the media for a lot of fact checking as it seems
facts are the cure for fear mongering. The media is a global community
and it is not ok with fear mongering. Fear is control.
And with no media is like no education and more clueless people not
knowing what is going on. That also is being controlled not knowing! 

Being a isolationist without media / community is on the same point
like Hitler killing the Jews because the media / community not knowing!
Knowing what is going action would of been taken sooner!

I get a lot of concern from women being the sexist remarks Trump has made
and in his past they fear more of the same in others! It's like their abusive husband
is now in power, it's not a healthy mindset for women right now!

True Most Republicans are homophobic!
But noted are closet homosexuals themselves as the vote for people that fuck
them up the ass. Why do they vote against themselves with a family needing...
It's bad and shown by their voting habits! Absexual!

Also Republicans like to cut education anyway they can. I do look for more of that,
now will a full house of Conservatards! For schools be aware of more cut programs,

I expect for me I will be busy this year. But Trump is unpredictable so...
All I can say is expect more fights in government and protest as people
start loosing their rights. Poverty as people will no longer be able to get
help from the government being the low taxes and peoples low pay.
More fear mongering to control people and they will fall for it!

Trump going after ISIS and the cost of war as we all will have to pay for it
and not by the poor paying less taxes because they make nothing to be taxed.
But the cost will more likely pulled from non rich programs. Food stamps etc cuts.
Also the lack of help getting ISIS as the Muslim view grows out of Americas
mistreatment of Muslims and xenophobia viewed by the amount of people
that voted for Trump! Overseas we are now are seen as xenophobic here!
There is a big issue of will those countries want us there trying to fight ISIS
because of our treatment of Muslims here. But also is the view of the people
that voted for Trump won't care anyway. "Just stay out of my backyard!"
Conservatives only think a few inches from them and won't care about things
over there! So Muslim countries will more likely and correctly not let us in
their country also!

A wall in Mexico that won't happen. They won't pay it, there is no need anyway
most fly in planes to America and planes fly over walls. But I don't think Mexicans
will want to stay in America as the support goes down. The plane thing alone points
to Trump being unfit to run. All of this time pushing the fear about a Mexican wall!
For nothing they will still fly in!

Unknown I got a tip Mexico is making a trade agreement with China!
This is bad as it pushes more agreements with China and not America we
might loose the American dollar in power! As of now I don't know!
But to me sounds like a right course for them. And they also might
ban Americans from coming over. Nothing stays the same!

Trump never worked in government so I don't know if he knows
you just can't fire people you have to make agreements etc in government.
Trump should be viewed like a boss that never gives you raises.
So I would advise so cutback your spending to offset their cutback of your pay
they give you! Stop consuming save what you can as there are cuts coming
for the poor! Don't buy a car etc. Start saving money now!!!!!!!

Partly due to the high risk of minimum wage retirement I would say
to put the money more into your retirement. No minimum wage is no raises,
so I would advise to put money into retirement!
Or not, I would advise to plan to exit America if gets like the Nazis with
the Jews! We are talking about Trump and the stupid people that
listen to what he said like it's true! It's about what are they going to do?!

Noted from tax cuts also noted by grant cuts, college programs being cut

as it's a part of debt cuts in government. So in that less education.
High Schools are going down as tax cuts, cut the schools.
Leaning in to college I do expect colleges having to lower their standard
as they also loose funding and people making enough for college, so they
don't go into college!

Points again to the labor force being UN-educated making lower wages.
So really America is heading down and I would advise to get ready to
get lower to match it. As in expect a American decline in sales, workers
and innovation. Be aware of this!