Saturday, February 11, 2017

Schools and the cut off your leg to save your toe

It's known red states go backwards. Over willing to cut off their leg to save their toe!
Like to say "Abolish ObamaCare!" But what if they went in time to "Abolish NASA"
just because of a fire? Well It's true! We go forward not backward!

So while it confuses the people in red states about the protesters that are standing up
and not willing to cut off their leg to save their toe just because they are.
You can't run America like a small town. People think for themselves and are not
willing to have a small town point of view to make decisions for them!
You stand up and fight! That is correct and is needed!

Well why sit there like a tard while it drops around you?
Like a NRA Tard guarding the ashes! You need a country to protect!

Promoting charter schools and school voucher programs to small towns that
make $7 after taxes? Funny but, you can make it but we can't afford it!

Charter Schools go broke a lot and are corrupt. Vouchers run out so can people
afford to pay out for their kids to make up the loss? It is just fail and gets passed
on to the lack for the kids that go to the labor force as a big lack!
Who are you going to hire? And points to why people protest.
Because of their kids future! And there will be a fight to save schools from a
unqualified lady who pushes fail!

~~~~~Protest marks public school visit by new education secretary
Ari Schwartz, 26, a nonprofit worker, held a poster in which a picture of a teddy bear
was juxtaposed with a photo of Devos. "This is a bear. This is a threat to students,"
the caption read. During her confirmation hearings, DeVos suggested that schools
should have guns on campus to protect students against grizzly bears.

Public schools are "the foundation of our society, that's how everybody learns what's
right and wrong," Schwartz said. "We need to keep it that way."

Elizabeth Davis, president of the Washington Teachers Union said teachers will
continue to fight for good public education and hope DeVos will listen to them.

"We want quality public schools ... for all of our children in every zip code in
D.C.," Davis told The Associated Press ahead of the protest. "We do not want to
continue a trend of starving, punishing and closing our public schools to make way for
privatization and more charter schools and vouchers."