Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Lovesick? What is that?
"Adjective: In love, or missing the person one loves, so much that one is unable,
to act normally."

"Nobody loves no one!" So everybody loves someone if you couldn't figure

that one out! Being the unable to act normally well that is a clear sign if such 
disruption in ones life, then it is real!

So is the point of resolve, communicate, ask why is this like the way it is?

What lead to this? Talking open. What is your hopes and dreams? 
Love does not ask you to loose anything, it helps you to be free!

No one owns the stars but such a gift to look at them the same.
We share the stars, No one owns anyone. Such love!

And no communication is the pain, the hurt, the ruining of a man!
Expected and says why to be open about things and TALK!!!!!!

~~~~~We are wired to have feelings. If we express these feelings in off-putting ways, this wiring can invite a disconnect in our relationships.  By contrast, expressing feelings in a safe way can lead to our feeling more connected, especially to loved ones.  Knowing how to express feelings tactfully therefore is vital if you want to feel close to people and to sustain your  relationships.

Sharing positive feelings solidifies relationships.  Love, appreciation, gratitude, delight sharing these feelings builds affectionate bonds.

At the same time, stresses occur in everyone's life, leaving them with sad, scared or mad feelings.  In addition, differences and hurt feelings will occur from time to time between just about any two people who often interact.  Sharing feelings enables you to talk through the situation that had caused the difficulty.  That way you can figure out how the problem occurred and what to do to fix it. Problem-solving together makes negative feelings lift.  Otherwise the problem may linger or get worse, negative feelings may fester, and both you and your relationship suffer.