Friday, July 28, 2017

Support for Healthcare, Fix it don't kill it

There are people that has family members, kids that need healthcare.
It is wrong to throw the poor off the cliff because there are people
too poor to use it. What about the kids that need it?
"They don't put food on my table!" But the poor needs food on their table!

It's said that "No man is an island."
"No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others." - John Donne.
So you should know you can't go forward if there are people 
going backward. Being many poor voting against their best interest 
when the rich people sure are for their best interest pointing to why they 
have stuff they make themselves rich not poor! 
The poor makes others poor with them.

Like not voting for your best interest when the rich people do!
The rich gets better driving cars that cost more than many poor
peoples homes vs a tore up car with no bumpers on low pay!

Why? Don't people want better? Just because there are people
that are not brought up yet and can't afford anything does not
mean you say "Obama Care hurt so many people." so kill it,
because they can't afford it. No insurance makes ruin
and more cost to everyone as someone hast to pay the bill.

Think, is it fair to be uninsured making others pay for it.
You need to have car insurance because uninsured drivers,
bring up the cost for everyone else!

The cost... Can't afford it... Why? Low pay you know many people
just pull out their checkbook and pay for it. Better pay is less uninsured
and lower cost. We are talking about minimum wage that has not
gone up in 10 years, $7.25, $6+ after taxes or even $8 an hour pay...
paying $500 rent, $170 car payment, car insurance etc.
Living on 20 percent of their income only to have a hard time paying
for healthcare. "Obama care hurt so many people!" DUR!!!!!!!!!

The pay is too low! It's bad when you have people that have insurance
but can't afford to use it asking why have it wanting their full paycheck.
Why live like that?

It's time to bring the poor up. If they are not brought up yet they are going
down and down is down not up with no better for healthcare!
It's time to fix it for the people so they can afford healthcare!