Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Travel advisory, for Missouri, It's like a Missouri dust bowl!

I remember in the 80's my family went to vacation in Ohio we went
through Missouri and at night as we where going there was a big field
with a burning cross with those people in the white robes, it was the KKK!
My dad honked the horn and yelled at them as he floored it.

"Race, gender and color based crimes have a long history in Missouri."
"NAACP issues its first statewide travel advisory, for Missouri."

Also Missouri lowered it's wages.
"Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens recently announced the $10 hourly minimum
St. Louis workers began receiving two months ago will revert back to the
state minimum wage of $7.70 on August 28, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports."

Suburban Poverty Grows Beyond Ferguson.

Noting people spend what they earn paying bills buying food etc, now
people make less so the spending goes less... Less sales!
Lower wages, people go lower with their wages.

Also I have noticed a lot of car tags from Missouri. I noticed because
I seen many different tags and said what is that? They all where from Missouri.
It was just that there was so many that I noticed them!

They are running! Well yes they have car payments, kids in school, college,
they are set not able to lower those things, so they go where the pay is!
"It's like a Missouri dust bowl!" Run!

Well... "Misery" it's a place where you padlock up your kids in a child safe
room because you can't afford a babysitter! "Pay peanuts get monkeys!"