Saturday, September 16, 2017

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I need to note that you should not see me as a News site!
I am a "Think Tank" a muse for News sites, like a Adjunct professor 
a Ghost writer of the internet.

You might see a point here and there on something on other news sites or on
TV, it's not me but from something from my works they find.

I put in what I know or what I learned from others.
Humanistic Psychology, Quantum theory, Chaos theory, Drug classes (addictions)
Deviant behavior etc... So what I know I use! 
Noted in the point of "Deeper Learning!" 

And so I should say don't be like me as I have many things in my background
that relates, to other things that relates to other issues in life!

And it's about life!
"Life is too short. It's best to be open with each other!
In 1985 I got hit by a car doing 45 mph on a moped doing 0 mph!
I'm still here! Be open and love!"

Don't fear!

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