Monday, October 30, 2017

Why President Trump will be impeached

There is a time to ask are they willing to go down with him? Trump!

Trump the way he is with his fingers on the button? Well that alone is a red light!
As things run I do believe Trump didn't think he would of won.
I was thinking Hillary put him up to it so she could of won. But Trump won,
from small town people that have nothing while Trump has a lot of stuff!

Like he is for the working people!
"After a hard days work on the construction job I play golf!"
Drain the swamp but not saying he will put is in his pocket.
Don't need so he brought his own swamp! 

Trump has issues he is mentally iffy!

But there is issues of who he is for. Wanting tax cuts being the poor
takes in more tax dollars than they pay out in taxes. Less taxes is less funding
for the poor. Cutting food stamps and tax dollars they where using really
is just passed on to the business owners in the lack of sales.
The poor is ok, they really just do without they never needed it anyway!
There will be more people like me that would fix it themselves!
And that makes no money for others.

Also tax cuts makes a revenue loss and for states / towns they will have
to make up the loss. Like a $100 water bill before you use water.
And being "Adjusted for inflation, minimum wage is worth less than
50 years ago" so everything around it goes with it. Education is like it
was 50 years ago. It takes money to have a education like credit you
have to buy something. Growth innovation goes down as the many poor
can't afford those things.

Trying to get rid of ObamaCare where it came in effect because the insurance
companies where failing. A concern of all the people dropping their insurance
for a bigger paycheck. They can't afford to use it anyway why have it!
Not concerned they will fix it themselves, using superglue and self-sufficiency.
Not good for the healthcare system!

All of those things are not being addressed by Trump and surrounding,
ObamaCare can't be killed it's ObamaCare or nothing and they know it!

Most people are going forward with Trump / others wanting to go backward.
It's better to go forward so keep moving on up not down.
Impeach Trump!

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