Thursday, March 1, 2018

Helium Scream

Something I did once in the 90's when I worked at a hotel.
I made a crank call once to the room service guy after I took
enough helium where I almost passed out and I called him and
screamed on the phone in a panicked squeaky voice,
"Concierge, concierge, we need more gray poupon and ky jelly, room 705"
click as I slammed the phone down. He knew it was me. He was not the Concierge
in that was funny being it seemed funny to call the wrong service in a panicked
voice! The Concierge really did those things in the 90's. But now it's about the money!

Another thing I did was every time I went into the kitchen and if they where
making the soup I would say out loud "It's a soup kitchen!"
This was before that movie!

A few times I would answered the phone with "Hi, how the hell are ya!"
Also we would put whole long strings of balloons in the trash compactor
to pop them. That would set off the security guard every time as that noise
was the same as a machine gun going off!

Life is fun because life is short! Have some fun at work!