Friday, June 8, 2018

Please know life is short so live it and death is not the end!

For me I believe that death is not the end. Life is short and in our lives there
is always a point to know that the galaxy puts us in places, connections,
red strings of fate and so like a river if flows! Life is meant to be and is
worth the craziness of it all! Bad things happen but know they are what they are.
Me? I dropped and busted a full jug of milk before I just looked at it all over the 
floor and said "I'm not going to fall for that trap!" 
No no crying for me it's just milk and for me brought up the point of that. 
Why let it upset me it's just milk!

Like a river that takes us all to the sea together, life is meant to be.
Love life together regardless! Because we all are not alone!

All respects goes to Anthony Bourdain! And to Kate Spade.

Also respectfully to others out there with issues just know life is meant to be
and it's just a ride. You can change it at anytime!
"The world is like a ride in an amusement park."