Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A note to the undecided Walmart warehouse and workers!

No matter where you work at, the warehouse, daytime, overnight you need to
look at how you are treated at work. Are you able to Walkout to do better for
your kids, or make it better for others kids in the big family of Walmart workers.

There is nothing more powerful than the workers.
If all the Walmart workers in your store walkout, just think how much your
one store will loose in one day, $300,000 +
Now that is power. Never doubt you can make a difference!
Get together & get them where it counts!
I hope to see more Walmart warehouses walking out.
Stand by your brothers in other stores! It's time to get your pay up,
$419 billion is enough, for Walmart!

Get out there and Never say Never!
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFL7dYZnOBA )

***This story I did was for the 2012 Walmart walkouts.
It's still for now possibly if you are not treated right.
Walking out of Walmart is something you need to plan.
In other words get a plan for another job ahead of time.
Get with a union or the NLRB on any action that is needed.

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