Sunday, January 26, 2014

ObamaCare taking away freedoms like women with their own body because of who?

Many have heard this before that many say ObamaCare is wrong,
that people should not have to be told they have to have insurance.
(Like they have rights to be uninsured and have others pay for it!)

Notice they are mostly Republicans that say that,
Republicans that tend to make laws for people like they can't think
for them selves.Women and their own body', like they are stupid!

Really when you think about it they have took many rights away from people,
cut food stamps from people that also payed taxes into it and have rights to it,
it's their money also! Cut school funding then cry they can't get enough
educated workers to fill jobs that are leading us to the future.

Then to cry over ObamaCare? What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.
They have taken much away from everyone. They have all the money, can't follow the rules,
must hide their money like in the country of Belize.
"It has low taxes and a low cost of living."
Someone is getting the money it's not the workers!

~~~~5 Right-Wing Violations Against Women That We Must Crush
1) Women are losing ground fast on abortion rights in states that were previously
On Thursday morning, the Guttmacher Institute released some shocking data
(although it's less shocking for those of us who have been following the war on women).
What did it reveal? The record number of abortion restrictions passed in 2011 has meant
a massive shift for women in terms of which states were supportive of reproductive rights
and which were overtly hostile:

2) The assault on birth control isn't over, and some want to deny women the
right to use it at all.
Many people were outraged by a new bill advancing in Arizona that would essentially
allow employers to sniff through the personal history of female employees:

3) Violence Against Women Act is under threat in the Senate.
The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Joe Biden's precious piece of legislation
that has been reauthorized easily over repeated years, has suddenly become contentious
yet again this year because of new protections aimed at LGBT citizens, Native Americans
and immigrants. Even though the bill has actually increased domestic violence reporting,
some members of the GOP appear ready to throw women under the bus in their effort
to exclude other disadvantaged groups from its helpful reach. As its primary sponsor
Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont told HuffPo's Amanda Terkel,
"You cannot say that we will seek to stop domestic violence, but only for certain people.
It just boggles the mind. It goes against everything I ever knew as a prosecutor,
but it also goes against everything I know as a human being." 

4) Abortion doctors and pregnant women are being targeted.
This is one of the most disturbing but important fronts of the war on women--the
criminalization of pregnant women and the targeting of abortion doctors.
In Kansas, Dr. Mila Means has been prevented  from opening up a practice in
George Tiller's place by threats and harassment. In Indiana, a pregnant woman who
tried to commit suicide and lost her baby has been imprisoned
for over a year now.

5) We're defending ground we shouldn't be defending.
When absurd bills like the ones described above in Arizona, Utah and Kansas
are defeated, it feels like a victory. But in fact, progressives are just playing defense.
The right wing has always been good at pushing for the most extreme measures so
that anything else seems like a compromise, e.g. lose mandatory vaginal ultrasounds,
keep mandatory abdominal ultrasounds. And as the statistics from Guttmacher show,
even with a continual pushback from feminists, these laws are still coming through piece
by piece, and some members of the mainstream media are following for the
"religious freedom" framing that is the latest canny re-dubbing from the playbook
that brought us "Right to Work" states for union-busting and "pro-life" for anti-women policies.

But times are changing, many are getting their rights back!
Like what Carl Sagan said!
"The old appeals to racial sexual and religious chauvinism to rabid nationalist
Ferber are beginning not to work."

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