Wednesday, August 6, 2014

$90,000 pay cut to give 24 minimum wage workers a raise

In small towns it's most noted how the wages are slow to grow, and mostly that
is why their small town will not grow. The wages do not support the markets, being
people put the money in their pockets more than could of been put to a better
source, low waged workers. Small towns are the most corrupt,
why do you think many Republicans keep talking about small government!
It's like wanting less security cameras at Walmart!

Slow wage growth and low pay ends in putting a higher cost that comes with low pay,
food stamp use crime etc, making others pay for it. Keeping a overall suppression of pay.
There needs to be a fairness to the wages if there is to be any growth.

~~~~University president takes $90,000 pay cut to give 24 minimum wage workers
a raise Raymond Burse recently took over as president of Kentucky State University.
With the job which Burse will do on an interim basis for a year comes a nice little paycheck
to the tune of almost $350,000. Burse, however, took the selfless, and unusual, step of
giving himself a $90,000 pay cut so that the lowest paid employees at the university
clocking in at $7.25 an hour could have their wages increased to a more livable $10.25,
the Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

"This is not a publicity stunt," Burse told the Herald-Leader. "You don't give up $90,000 for
publicity. I did this for the people. This is something I've been thinking about from
the very beginning." Burse said he was in a position to spread the wealth after a career
that included a previous stint as president of Kentucky State University in the 1980s,
and a decade as a senior executive at General Electric.
"My whole thing is I don't need to work," Burse told the Herald-Leader.
"This is not a hobby, but in terms of the people who do the hard work and heavy lifting,
they are at the lower pay scale."

The pay raise certainly doesn’t appear to be a publicity stunt, as it will reportedly remain in
place, and apply to new hires, even after Burse’s tenure at the school is over.


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