Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wages going up for immigrants thats good

This is a good thing to do. You need to look at the past like in Oklahoma
when many places payed them the lowest pay they could.
Really all that did was bring down the wages for all from the
cost of low wages police, lack of sales, less taxes payed from the low pay.

Immigrants coming to the US did not take your job it was the pay
they got that did. Low pay brings down others pay to the lowest.
Without higher wages there are less sales, less money to burn to make jobs.

The immigrants came but could not advance to help make jobs,
being they where broke. That what took your job, low pay with nothing back.

~~~~Obama immigration plan gives micro wage boost
Want to get paid more? The White House claims President Obama's
immigration plan will raise wages for immigrants and American-born alike.

But the amount seems less than eye-popping ... $170 a year by 2024.

Wages are a very sensitive topic in the U.S. these days. That's because Americans
haven't had a real raise in years. Average hourly earnings aren't keeping up
with inflation, and U.S. median income has fallen back to 1995 levels.

On the flip side, allowing low-skilled workers to remain in the country will translate
into a $40 average wage gain for native-born workers, the administration says.
Undocumented immigrants, however, would see an even bigger benefit.
Their earnings would likely rise by about 8.5% since they could work legally
and find jobs that match their skills, according to the
left-leaning Center for American Progress.

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