Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blame your Governor not ObamaCare

Really people freak me out! Why? It's the Republicans that say ObamaCare
has hurt people, like they never asked why?
Well it's mostly they are in a state that does not help people with ObamaCare.
They have a Governor that fights it, so you get no help with it and it hurts you.
That is what the Medicaid expansion was about, to make sure it don't hurt
you so you are covered. It's your Governor that hurts you by not getting you help!

People need to put the blame where it belongs.
Like in Oklahoma point noted!

It's like the saying "It's my choice to be a Stupid Voter."
No not when it hurts everyone around you also!
It's is stupid to blame the wrong person for it, without thinking how did it get this way!

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