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New testing limits Obama administration announces

Are kids taking too many test in school? Well many say yes and people are listening.
I did a relating story and I hope it got noticed.

When kids have many test to get ready for, where is the time to learn for not the test.
In view it would be like the football team testing with less practice on the field.

Having less test is valued in small less funded towns. When the most of your town
is poor and unsupported you will get unprepared kids coming into school.
A good conservatard would blame the Teachers and the school for not doing their job.
When you have Teachers that have to bring up the kids level to where they should be
in the first place. Then comes the testing with kids lower than they should be at.
Less testing would help Teachers for less pereration for those test and more time on
for Teaching the kids. And would help the Teachers from passing out!

Smaller towns are slower towns. That is normal I mean you don't expect test scores
from a bigger city in a small town do you? That would be like going to a community
college and getting a Harvard college education. You get what you pay for!
Low income towns pay less taxes and give less funding to the schools as such.

Oklahoma and most Red-States are against it's own people.
Conservatard parents could be why the kids are lower starting.
Well it's true! When you have trucks driving around with confederate flags
in the back flapping away or anyone who has a yellow sticker Tea Party 
pile of shit looking like a snake on their truck, or a blame Obama sticker says 
it all as they more likely teach their kids to be Conservatards. 
So comes the testing... Blame yourself!

Well they do blame themselves and like it. I lived on Oklahoma enough
to say it. They are sadomasochist here. That's why they don't want better.
They want it to be the same as it always was, bad! They vote for people that
want to cut taxes with the rich making as much as they do in a year in one minute!
Low taxes means less food stamps higher rent being there are now less taxes to
help cover things. They don't want help! They like it bad and it gets passed on.
Thus my saying everyone is a victim of stupid people! As people that like to buy
food can't because the pool is pulled down by stupid people.

Conservatards are bad because they take everyone down to their level.
You can't move up if you are going backwards.
The dinosaurs did not survive being reductionist. So they all died!
So stupidity should not be a point of view because you don't want everyone
to die with them!

So I hope less testing will give more time for Teachers to get kids up to where they
should of been before they even should of started school regardless of people
wanting bad.

~~~~Obama administration announces new testing limits
Obama administration announces new testing limits 03:05
The administration isn't citing specific tests that should be continued or scrapped, 
leaving that decision up to the particular districts as testing differs from state to state. 
The guidelines don't replace those that are part of No Child Left Behind, but if 
Congress were to alter that law and include the Obama administration's 
recommendations, districts would then be required to follow them.

Additional details will be released in January, the White House told CNN.
The administration gives general ways to assess each of those qualities.
Obama said the new guidelines call for taking only the "tests that are worth taking" that 
are "high quality, aimed at good instruction" and that ensure students are "on track."

The plan recommends that students spend no more than 2% of classroom time taking 
these tests, and that parents be notified if their child's school exceeds this limit.
Testing shouldn't "crowd out teaching and learning" and should just be one of many tools 
to measure how students and schools are performing, Obama said.

On Monday, Obama will meet with teachers and representatives of states and school 
districts to discuss the issue. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his deputy, 
John King, are expected to attend. The Washington-based Council of 
Great City Schools said in a report issued Saturday that "there is no correlation 
between mandated testing time and reading math scores on the National Assessment 
of Educational Progress."

"In other words," the release said, "there's no evidence that adding test time improves 
academic performance." Two major teachers unions lauded the Obama administration's 
announcement. "It's common sense," said Randi Weingarten, president of the 
American Federation of Teachers. "The fixation on high-stakes testing hasn't moved 
the needle on student achievement."

"It's a big deal that the president and the secretaries of education-both current and future
are saying that they get it and are pledging to address the fixation on testing in tangible 
ways," Weingarten said. But, she added, "the devil is in the details."

Meanwhile, the National Education Association tweeted an endorsement to Obama's
plan, writing on its official Twitter account, "Parents, students, educators: the
administration has heard your voices! Students need #timetolearn!"

Parents, students, educators: the administration has heard your voices! 
Students need #timetolearn!

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