Thursday, November 5, 2015

Low pay is no sale need to grow

There is a lot of changes going on these days. The inequality pay issue is growing.
"Most Walmart workers can only dream of making $25,000 in a year.
Meanwhile, the Waltons get $25,000 per minute from their Walmart dividends alone."
Most in small towns make $1 every 9 minutes!

And to note the level of inequality, being massively divided.
And we are in the red zone as you look at the data.
"The other wealth gap—the 1% vs the 0.01%"

The issues of that? Going down the line, the poor spends what they earn.
So being their pay is low the divide is big and the money going from the poor too
the middle class and 1% is shrinking. So the divide of the 1% vs the 001% is growing.
Take from the 001% and give to the poor sends the money back up the ladder.

The money is not getting to the workers and in the light of supply and demand
there is less demand as they buy less as they have less to buy with.
And you have the failed push of pushing out quality merchandise to people that
more likely can't afford that. Quality cost money most don't have money
looking down the road with no wage increase.

With the reductionist thinking of reduce, reduce die thinking.
Keeping the pay from going up, cutting taxes.
Leads to the point Republicans like to impoverish their consumers.
But for what action is going on pushing it ends in natural selection
as a lack of sales.

And that is how it should work. Low pay = Low sales = Better pay to make sales.
You can't keep it rolling with most of the people causing a consumer based pricing
long term! Lowering the price to match the towns peoples income is death!
And also is high prices as the most of the poor won't buy those things anymore
being the price went up. Or the high prices make them buy less as those things
took most of their money.

So the pay needs to go up. It's ok to take a loss in paying a higher wage.
Being the whole town would be making a higher wage and will be going out
to spend what they earn. Making the stores more money!
"There is no growth without change, No change without loss
and no loss without pain."

Like the better pay would be just sitting there like it magically vanished.
And they would have to raise the cost of the merchandise to pay for the
higher wages. Like not knowing people spend what they earn and giving the
people money to burn is a good thing. As they are broke and with better pay
they will still be broke but spend more money going broke! A good thing!

But low pay keeps things low! Well why have it all go down because of
many broke people? If you spend less than you earn then the mass of people
like you will kill everything because most of them make nothing!

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