Saturday, November 9, 2013


From what I have seen, like Cell phones from the 90's going
to the 2000's. The more technology that comes up the harder,
it makes your life, as in seeing many with cell phones in the
2000's always calling Customer service.

Or now with smart phones as there is a change to 4G speed, many
backwoods towns like mine, still have old towers, so when you get,
to those towers your smart phone just will not work, because
there is no 4G at those towers.
Sort of a bug! (Ha Yuppies!)

Not many in my town can afford a smart phone yet pay for the 4G,
overall! Small towns = children waged adults. Small towns are small for a reason.

Also a fact of your low pay! Being that your iPhone Uses More Energy Than Your
Refrigerator! And many charge their iPhone at work! LOL!

And you have Japan keeping the cassette tape thank god!
"Digital will always be ones and zeros," says Fernando Baldeon,
a sales consultant at Analogue. "Analogue is still the best
sound from a recording."

And from my point of view, many are going to wood burning water
heaters to save money. There are ways to save money!

Also to save money I am using non resistor spark plugs in my car.
Being they are indexed facing the intake valves, where the fuel
comes in and the spark plugs are also "Cut back" to burn better.
In other words I get more MPG! And in a way I hope they totally
mess up a iPhone as I drive buy some yuppie! Well wishful thinking!

But also no cell phone is disabling yourself. Like dropping the mic.
Now you have no voice, you dropped your mic!

A smart phone for the kids is like a library, they can look up something
learning what it is. Get on a social website learning complex social thinking
skills. Taking the smart phone away from the kids is like not letting them
go to the library. All you get is antisocial, co dependent kids!

So the point is non-technology going to disable yourself?
What is your best interest why make you own hardship!

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