Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The pay will go up one way or another

You know it's not good to have many low income consumers.
There are too many poor out there to bring us all down!
Most noted in small towns they will have to get a grip and raise the pay
of their workers of that town or they will have crap and have to raise the pay,
as many places close, schools, fire, police run out of money.
Really the low payed road leads to fail!
You would think they would like to see better payed workers,
being the better sales it would bring. Many in my town can't manage their money,
more over there is not much to manage, but raising their pay sends the money
to the places that need it. So really why keep the pay low they will have to bring it up
one way or another.

~~~~GOLDMAN: The Disparity Between High- And Low-Income Households In
America Is The Worst We've Seen.
A quarterly survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers by Goldman Sachs analysts shows that
"the bifurcation between the high and low end continues to widen" in America."
Consumers in $90,000+ households saw increased levels of optimism, while consumers
in under-$50,000 households declined," write Goldman analysts
Michael Kelter, Ivan Holman, and Harsh Aneja in a new report. 
"This is, in fact, the widest spread we have seen between these two income groups 
in our survey." And according to the survey, it's not just economic optimism that is 
diverging across income groups: actual spending patterns are as well.

"The total number of consumers who said they spent more in the past three months 
did tick up in our 3Q survey," say Kelter, Holman, and Aneja.
"However, the bifurcation of high vs. low-mid income consumers is clearly evident. 
Consumers in $90,000+ households reported an increase in spending in 
3Q vs. 2Q, while consumers in under-$50,000 households reported a decrease 
in spending this quarter."

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