Monday, September 29, 2014

Obama underestimated ISIS sort of the Spanish Inquisition!

Really overall going in and "Nuke their ass and take the gas" type attitude
really does no good. There is conflict of interest, or who's interest and whose
related to what interest. You really can't just jump into this mess after ISIS
and expect everything to workout overnight.
I'm sure you can see the issue of not being able to do anything,
knowing it will take years and asking who will pay for it.
You know we can't do another Iraq!

Being the time, it should be a local issue and resolved there.
Sort of like how other foreign countries see the KKK here, if
they came to be like ISIS. The other countries would expect us
to fix our mess, income pending the result.
But if they would have to jump in to get the KKK to stabilize the
US Dollar making life better for all, you would see the issue as it is now!
But I hope people see what I am saying.
Would you of underestimated the KKK in America
if someone else told you they are a threat and we need to do something.
Or would you see it as a local issue as most overseas see the KKK as?

Well many did not expect the Spanish inquisition!

~~~~But are the days of the inquisition over? Unfortunately not!
An inquisition occurs when people who hold power over government or
government institutions decide orthodoxy, decry all challenges to it and
then use their power to punish those who dare to question them.
Today, one need only question the theory of evolution on a
school campus to feel the wrath of the “Secular Inquisition.”

No One Expects the Spanish inquisition! 

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