Monday, July 6, 2015

Need unity - love you even if your a stick alien

I have my weird stories, like hitting the stick alien I think, with the weed eater.
But the point of the mater is treat things fairly.
Like the story I did "The black light test."
"It's like the 21 century, it's ok to date a Reptilian, you just need to know so
you know what to expect making both lives better! Well hell that's my view!"
Stick alien also.

But I noticed after I said that I ran across a few saying it's ok to date and
have sex with a alien. I tend to influence people I guess.
I need to say I am my own!
Respected hacktivist they are, they are needed!

They are needed like Jim Morrison way back exposing his private parts.
In a time like the Victorians and Piano Legs, Jim Morrison was needed to get us
out of that and that is a good thing! It's the same going on today.

But the point of this story is to say it's ok to date a stick alien or any type
for the point of unity. And a point to note a social change in view of going to the
21st century! "I love you even if your a stick alien!" , "I will stick with you!"

It's about a change needed like Jim Morrison did for the better!
Have no fear, unity around the world!

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