Sunday, January 3, 2016

Those guns and people's constitutional rights.

Being the good effort on the paranoid Republicans side about controlling who
gets guns. It's a good point to note about something like a license to drive
a car is kept on a database and if you are bad with a car you won't be able to
drive one. Noted like why kids don't drive cars! And if there is enough on purpose
crashing into people with cars the Government of course will step in being the state
is not keeping it's people safe!

Also the lack of effort is no surprise being the backward thinking wanting us to
go to the western days. Well you can't charge your phone on a horse or run APP's.
It's noted as in they don't want progress and the want to go back, backward thinking!
But more it's driven by paranoia!

Many in the upper North West kind of worry about the melisha popping out
of the woods having a redneck rampage... Oh yes they have already!
"Armed group's leader in federal building: 'We will be here as long as it takes.'"

To... get ran over in progress! I have to note the federal building is my building also
it's from the people for the people! And taking over the building shows a clear
lack of education reflecting such actions as not understanding it's the peoples building!
And as all noted you have to be fucked up in the head to live in the woods
with guns and guns and guns and cry about their constitutional rights.
In the same manner as a bad driver wanting to drive his car with no license
or any kept record of who drives that car! Like taking over the DMV in a protest!

Guns and more guns why have everyone go back to the western days
to protect themselves from something they caused by keeping the pay low
so the poor would have to steal to live? Making more paranoid people get guns.
It will be a conservatard nation! As in hearing a shootout in the street and in the morning
you find a dead beaver and a banjo in the street not knowing why.
It was only a concern to them, to everyone else? A whatever!

"Obama has repeatedly expressed his frustration with Congress' inability to pass new
gun laws, and has frequently spoken out about increased gun control in the wake
of mass shootings."

Well they don't want progress and many people do thinking ahead.
It's best to get a grip on the guns not add more guns! 

And also true do you have the constitutional right to pull others down to your level?
Like to take us to the western days and noted why more people don't take horses
on the highway! We are not going back to the western days we move ahead as
nothing stays the same!

"If guns don't kill people... Why do we give people guns when they go to war?
Why not just send the people?" Ozzy!

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