Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Take Stuff From Work Day

I remember this from the 90's the steal from work day.
I was a dishwasher at a Hotel and you know I don't
really know what I took! But I remember it was something
at a less cost vs...

But the other dishwasher I worked with stole, forks, spoons
and anything silver over a long time. So he ended up getting
the money to get his car painted white. It was cool looking but
it also gave him away as the Hotel was wondering about the loss.
He got let go a year after he got his car painted.
He was not that bad of a guy! On a Monday at work he spent
most of the day on his knees saying hi to the porcelain god!
He had a fun weekend! He saw me at work said something like
something about his girlfriend I can't say and he never seen her again
then he went into the bathroom and spent something like 7 hours there!
He was from Vietnam and was like Beavis and I was like Butthead.
Still life was good back then! Maybe I will steal a van!

Anyway the point here is to note there is a new
"Steal something from work day!" it is on April 15!

This is something more for the private workplaces.
Any other state workers etc it depends but mostly
no don't do it. Colleges or Schools I am known to drop
some change in the vending machine to help out a kid.
But note that is not giving to the workplace, it's giving to kids.
At least if you are a state worker, do that! Walmart etc... 
Well... if you can't function in the marketplace because you only make
$7 after taxes, why are you just sitting there for? 

~~~~~Steal something from work day
Does your boss work less than you but take home a bigger paycheck?
Is somebody zipping around in a private jet at your expense?
If the corporation is making money at the end of the day, that means they’re
not paying you the full value of your labor – that’s where corporate profit
comes from! So if you need something in your workplace, take it. You earned it!

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