Friday, April 22, 2016

Love Hysteria and the Cocaine

Love holds you, when it is real you know it. It does not go away, even how
awkward it is. Falling for a married lady and really knowing its something
bigger than me and her, being the odds are too high to be in a time zone and
the right places at the right time over and over! It's not luck!

I'm in love! And in that I know there needs to be that talk sometime!
Believe! In all there needs to be a fairness as we all are linked!
I clearly see it as it's our time in this time. A time for Hysteria? Well yes!
I loves her!

Love is like being on cocaine and love sickness is like cocaine withdraw
and you know it when you miss her!

Like seeing the beautiful lady then finding out she has the goods.
She has the cocaine and boom hooked!
If it's love then you are hooked, never a bad thing!
If it's love then you really need to be real about it!
Admit it love is a addiction! Love has no boundaries,
you love who you love! If it effects you deeply you know it
is deeply. The love sickness is why it's like being on cocaine!
Life is too short to not be on cocaine! Don't miss out on life,
it's all downhill after 50! Then comes 60. The 10 years comes fast.
I spend 10 years on getting a raise at work. So what is missing out worth?

~~~~~Striking New Brain Research Reveals What You've Long Suspected 
About Love and Drugs Like Cocaine
It’s not terribly surprising that love manifests in the brain like other pleasurable
experiences. It feels good, after all, so that much seems intuitive.
But the love-and-heavy-drugs parallel is fairly startling, even for others who also
study brains. Shauna H. Springer, psychologist and author of the book  
Marriage, for Equals: The Successful Joint (Ad)Ventures of  
Well-Educated Couples, marvels at the discovery in a piece for Psychology
Today. “We're not talking about the slightly buzzed feeling you might get from
drinking a glass or two of wine, but rather about the high-octane euphoria associated
with...cocaine,” Springer writes. “Falling in love is the best high you can get without
breaking any laws.”

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