Saturday, May 14, 2016


Believe it or not it or not in my days at college the movie split was one
of my favorite movies. And my friends in college pointed that they thought
it was something I would write at the time!

At the time there where people in college around us that where like that!
Even in my life it tends to also be like a movie from where I been,
so to my friends it was a give in about the movie in parts they laughed
at me because it was funny and fits how college was back then.
"It's, oooh it's a straw!" at the time that would be a quote from me!

But as for me now I don't know how I find this stuff? Found it in 1989 and
today well it fits in how life is in the world today! Times are strange!
In the starting credits the part when the word "Split" divides and the static
appears, that is noted as room for growth!

The movie has a Gypsy in it!

*So begins SPLIT, one of the most criminally underseen films of 1989.
The sole film to date of mathematician Chris Shaw, SPLIT is a low-fi sci-fi film
of the most ambitious variety, a bizarre ride of dystopian paranoia, religious
allegory, and tongue-in-cheek humor that basically defies description from
the computer generated opening credits (from Shaw’s brother Robert) to the
inconclusive ending.

*Starker ends up rooming with a talkative waitress and is stalled from his project,
occasionally retreating into a psychological hole. He goes out for groceries dressed
in drag. People have conversations about the "oscillation and the evolution of
consciousness." A cult is formed. A Pop Tart burns in an oven.

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