Friday, July 1, 2016

Things You Do

Life is frustrating. But then if it's a fire then well you should know it will be!
Or on the other end it's a who or who's or all. It all ends up running in the dark.
There is a point in life to be real and accept people for the things they do!
Like getting out of the dark and accepting that new day as everyone is still 
there seeing the new day together! The things you do together is better than
being in the dark!  

No matter what pain you have in your life there is always a new day! I've been
there seen that to know what is valued no matter how awkward!
So really get out of the dark so nothing is wrong, be fair to each other!
I can't make you do those things, it really is up to you to make you
and others happy! Why do the things you do? Happiness!
~~~~~No one will make you do the things you love–so here’s how to make yourself
Last year, I was working a job in midtown Manhattan that made me dread 40 hours 
of each week. I wished time away. I felt hollow and anxious. The feelings followed me 
home even when the work didn’t. 

But three times a week, I chiseled out time for something sane and gratifying. 
Those were the days I’d wake up at 5:30 am and make the hour-long commute 
to an ice rink all so I could go skating before work. 

Once I invited my partner, Cameron, to come along with me on my morning trips.
He laughed as we finally got to the rink. “I’m sorry, but this can’t be worth it,” he said. 
“Not with waking up so early, or the two trains it takes to get here.”

I told him to think about drumming, or playing video games, or any of the other things 
that make him become so absorbed he loses track of time. I think that helped him get it. 
Skating makes me feel fast and alive. As it turned out, making room in my life for an 
activity that brought me joy helped me find my way to a job that made me happier 
during the work day, too.

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