Thursday, August 3, 2017

Great Filter and You can make it but can't afford it

There is that saying pay peanuts get monkeys! That is true, why?
Pay the lowest wages get the lowest people. Although they would say they
are not but it's about that life story they have. There are plenty of people that
padlock their kids in a child safe room while the parents go to work because
they can't afford a babysitter. Walks without a car in the summer,
shows up to the job interview sweating all over the chair.

IDEA or IDEAL a good question to asking why?
Like talking to a backwoods person you say "That's a good idea."
But to them they are wondering why you didn't finish your sentience
waiting for the other half, Idea....... "L" Ideal makes a complete sentience
as you don't say CA, you say CAT, where is the "T"  it's all in the same!
Why is this important? You need to look at why it is!

Many may not of known but in college this was talked about a lot.
There is a reason people work for low paying jobs ether they could
not make it elsewhere or their not brought up yet.
But that is norm and not the point. What is the cause of that?
They are uneducated because they could never afford it in the first place.
Like getting credit, it takes money as you have to buy something and
they make children wages. "Makes children wages, lives like a child!"
Children don't pay rent, car payment, insurance, buy food...
Spending what they earn because they earn nothing, so you get nothing!

And that is the point of "You can make it but they can't afford it."
Bringing in high dollar shit to bring in more high income people so
they can drive up the cost in town ending most sales as the most poor
will not buy those high dollar things! Forcing consumer based pricing
at the low pay in town.

Also is corruption, as in wanting to stop all low income stores
in a low income part of town... Mostly to give time for high dollar
places to decide and move in, only to find the side of town not able
to afford the high dollar stuff. Also out of touch as the Dollar General
is expensive vs the Dollar Tree to the poor!

Why not raise the pay to not have the Great Filter to decide for people.
"The Great Filter, in the context of the Fermi paradox, is whatever prevents
"dead matter" from giving rise, in time, to "expanding lasting life."

Minimum wage has not gone up in 10 years with a big Wealth Gap.
What kind of people are we going to get because of that. It is not the people,
it's their pay. It's not matching inflation so the many poor walkaway from
the high prices to have more money in the home!

"It has come to the point where only the top 10 percent of Americans are seeing
their wealth grow while the bottom 90 get less and less of the pie each year."

Showing by declining sales as people live on nothing taking people
down with them. Low car sales?
"Analysts have been predicting lower U.S. sales this year as demand levels
out after an unprecedented seven straight years of growth.
U.S. new vehicle sales hit a record 17.55 million last year."
Running into the people that are broke? Bad days for the banks underwriters,
and more scripted responses, "Sorry your income is too low!
Supply and demand on low wages... I see many out there walking with no cars
or driving cars from the 90's with no bumpers tore up.

Movies? I haven't seen one since 2003... Why they cost too much at the time for two
people and the less I seen them the better off I was to me.
Pointing to Terence McKenna in the statement "Create your own roadshow."

Movies are going down in sales, but mostly it's the cost and or the life of poverty
vs seeing a better life. Like low income people with Direct TV seeing TV ads of
people acting normal being able to buy things with ease like they just pull out their
wallet and buy it. Whats in your wallet? A dime, pennies etc!
A downer people have been telling me about lately. So the movie is on the same point.

The many poor is the Great Filter to businesses as there are more poor
to filter out the high dollar stuff. Keep that in mind!

"Being able to buy things with ease?" The pay is not brought up yet... Yet!

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