Thursday, May 15, 2014

Low pay is low sales so raise minimum wage

When you look around you in the real world you
tend to notice the many people broke staying home
on the weekend.

Raising the minimum wage to a Teabagger is
"Oh no I must lay off a bunch of workers."
Then have a bunch of people willing to buy more
things with their better pay, being the whole town
of the many poor would have more money to spend,
or be secure enough to spend money.
Over all you get what you spend.
You get what you pay for!

Wal-mart seems to be hiding the fact of peoples low pay saying it was the weather.
But the people that know say they don't buy that.

~~~~Wal-Mart is hurting for shoppers
The retail king's used the "blame it on the weather" excuse to explain its lackluster
first quarter, but Wall Street viewed it with the same skepticism as the dog
(or Internet virus) eating a kids' homework. That's because Wal-Mart's latest earnings
miss is part of a broader trend of Americans pulling back on their shopping
at the store. Even if this had been the warmest winter on the books,
Wal-Mart likely would have had subpar results.

"Paging Mr. Sam, please report to the Bentonville Aisle, your company continues to
 massively underperform for an investor that is growing not to expect much,
" Brian Sozzi, CEO of Belus Capital Advisors, said in note to clients on Thursday.

Wal-Mart also triggered alarm bells by forecasting poor earnings for the current quarter,
which is free from weather-related headaches. The world's largest retailer has now issued
five consecutive below-consensus outlooks -- akin to going from being an
"A" student to a "B" one. It's clear Wal-Mart is pinning its first quarter troubles on weather,
an issue many retailers grappled with during the Polar Vortex winter.

The company mentioned "weather" eight times in its earnings release, explaining that
"unseasonably cold and disruptive weather" hurt U.S. sales and drove up operating expenses.

Also Sears is closeing more stores and might drop their 51% stake in Canada.
That is not surprising being it's about the wages vs the failure to adapt to the low pay
people get to the point the middle class is no longer number one in the US!
Canada now has the highest middle class!

~~~~Sears: 'Burning cash,' closing stores
Sears has been on a downward spiral almost since the day it merged with Kmart in 2005.
And that plunge seems to be picking up speed.

The company said this week that it may sell its 51% stake in Sears Canada, which
operates nearly 20% of the company's stores worldwide. It has quietly closed nearly
100 U.S. stores in the last year. Next week, it's expected to announce dismal fiscal first
quarter results and possibly yet more store closings.

The wages have to go up sometime and you will have ignore the people that say it will
hurt busnisses. What hurts the most? The poor staying home, no sales!
Or would you like to see more of the poor with money, being it would be the whole town
with better pay? Raise the Minimum wage!

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