Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Killers kill themselves same as a door knob

There are too many shootings going on these days.
"There have been at least 74 shootings at schools since Newtown."

That alone puts a light on ether a lack of reality or just a sign of stupidity for the shooters.
"Why Spree Killers Kill Themselves -
Here’s what I found: In about half of the “rampage” incidents (more than two casualties), 
the shooters killed innocent victims … and then committed suicide."

There is a lot of shooting themselves that in fact, in real life people don't care
about the shooter killing himself, life goes on.

Really no one overall cares about suicide, the many people go on with their life.
So, doing such thing thinking like how it will be all on the front page.
Or to show poor me! Is just a piss ant view for all to see and go on!

Most see the shooter doing such an act as stupid and say
"Gee I wonder why they fired him? DUR!" Or "Oh I wonder why she left him
so he had to show her by killing people?"
And in their actions people might as well slap their chest as they go back to work
after seeing the shooting on the news on the TV at work.

It's best to not go shooting it really has no meaning to others.
In society normality wins and the shooter is as bright as a door knob!
Don't be those people, let it go! When you look at the other shootings
and others response the shooter doing such a thing as they walkaway from the TV
at work you would be sure they would get the point,
a shooting and suicide just is a waste of time! It lets others know yep he was a stupid one!

So why do it? The mom and dad and family of the shooter and the victims
parents feel it. It's their kids that did it and their kid that got shot.
But everyone else all over the world really really sees the stupidy of the shooter
and goes on back to what they are doing!

So really people that want to do such a thing, go shooting people need
to ask more "What am I doing? And ask why bother, fuck it, the stupidity of it
knowing people all over the world would be laughing at you as a stupid person."
It's just not worth doing knowing someone would be slapping their chest at you
for shooting people then yourself!

So don't go in that hole!
I'm trying to save your life and others here!

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