Sunday, October 19, 2014

JFK on a UFO and Obama time traveler.

In the 1990's I had a dream once that I was on a UFO in a waiting room.
And this guy kept coming and leaving the room. He had much of his head
missing and it grossed out the others that was there waiting.
But I saw him as JFK I talked to him a bit, I asked if he knew
who shot him he said he did not know, it happened behind him.
He then said that he had a headache and he got up and left.
I remember me or someone said "Elvis has left the building"
as he walked out of the room.
Well it was more true than I knew at the time! Who knew!

But being strange as it is for the times I had to pass that story on.
Now to Obama being a time traveler, really strange when you think about it.
But to the fact of if he knew how people would of acted about him.
Like the W.A.S.P types as it seems today. Would he of ran?

Franklin D. Roosevelt's approval ratings was also low after Social Security
got started. Many are glad we have it now! People don't like change!
This is the same for Obama Care. It's all norm!
"Obama Care going along like the Social Security Act. Nothing new"

Would Obama of went for it, if he knew nothing would of altered the time
we are in now. Think about it, if 100 years from now will all those that
stepped up and did the right thing not for yourself but for the real truth,
will they be in a history book. I hope so.
Like Franklin D. Roosevelt might of thought about being in the history books
in his time. It's mind blowing stuff when you think about it. Positivity! 

Other than all of that what would of Abe done?

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