Friday, October 31, 2014

Because of voting time Bill Hicks

Because of it being voting time mostly noted for how voting goes in
small towns with people with Tea Party stickers on their trucks etc.
There is a need to stand up for yourself! Like the need to get out and vote!

~~~~Elizabeth Warren: Dems must "stand up and fight"
"What the Democrats have to do is be willing to stand up and fight," she tells
CNN. Asked if the party hasn't been willing to do that, she responds:
"I just think we can use a little more of that. I think we can use a little more
of standing up and saying this is what it's about, and I'm willing to do it."

Why? Well if you knew Bush had a DUI and was from Texas would
you vote him in?

Look what happened by staying home and not voting!
Why let stupid people run things? Like voting people in that want low taxes,
when the poor does not pay much taxes and know low taxes makes cuts to
their help they get. And the cost they will have to pay to make up the loss!
"Tax experts believe that if 766 passes, local governments will be forced to
raise property taxes and local fees to compensate for the loss of revenue."

This is voting time it's time to kick the ass of stupid people when voting!
Stupidity is not a point of view!
Get out there and vote. Best noted in the words of Bill Hicks!

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