Sunday, November 2, 2014

With voting you can't have the good without bad

These are changing times as in my town the sales are going up slowly.
Mostly from higher wages many in my town got now.

Consumers make jobs if they mostly stay home there would be
just empty stores. I wish more Conservatives understand that
instead of giving it to the rich, cutting taxes and most stuff the
many poor need. They are the consumers and many Conservatives
like to make their consumers poor.

If the GOP gets the Senate you know what that would be like.
Stuck in the mud at the cost of others. Slow wage growth to help the rich,
sort of like low taxes with the poor needing it to help pay their rent,
pay for food stamps and too much to say here.

In the mud like wanting to get rid of Obama Care but having nothing to
replace it with. Just let 200 million drop their insurance to get a bigger paycheck.
What will that do to your small town? Why have everything crash to feed the poor?

Obama Care? Food Stamps? Well if they made better pay they
could just pay for those things, not make others pay for it being
it's all they can do!

But also in light you can't have the good without the bad.
With Republicans running things it won't be to help the poor.
It goes to the rich, just look at the history of things!

Yes the economy is getting better, for the rich! Have they really shaired
in the wealth with the workers. Like making ALEC was to help the poor
by making sure unions stayed low. Like in history with low unions is hell
for the working class. And most stay home making no growth for anyone!

I still have a plan to burn wood in the winter to keep warm with no money.
Mostly with no sales being they took away my money from me with low taxes
I was needing to make it with!

But that is ok being it is an action, like a snowball going down the hill
ending in a form of natural selection for who the snowball hits.
It won't be the poor! So the wages will have to go up in the end.
The same old stuff that never worked they do, will have to change!

Vote or not vote it's a matter if you want to be in the mud again!
Like a Bush thing again!

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