Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who stands up for Walmart workers

There are many protest going on at Walmarts all over.
"Some workers are expected to strike, walking off the job
during their shift. They will be joined by teachers and
other community leaders. The demonstrators are backed by groups like
OUR Walmart, which has union ties. And they are calling for higher wages
(a minimum of $15 an hour) and fair schedules"

Walmart makes $476 billion a year in sales do you expect Walmart workers to
go on a walk-out on their own with no backing?
Unions are needed when you look at the ,bad jacks, micromanagement,
retaliation etc.

Retaliation? Walmart does not care.

So the NLRB had to step in!

(To the workers call the NLRB in DC if you have a problem not the one in your state!)

In small towns a walk-out is not effective. There is too much stupid thinking around,
they won't understand why you walked out! Also being less job options in small towns
it's best to protest by getting another better job. Just know it will take 500+ background
checks on people to replace you there! Get a job first then quit!

Also you can get out looking bad in your Walmart attire like to the Red-Lobster and
places the rich goes and just get tea or something. Like a poverty crusade in other words.
Show your poverty get many workers to do that flood the place!
Show your wages etc!

Anyway I wanted to say to all the workers, have a happy Thanksgiving!
And stand up for yourself!

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