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Liquid Zen

FREEDOM:  The mighty ocean has but one taste, the taste of salt.
Even so, the true way has but one savor, the savor of freedom.

LIBERATION: This inconceivable door of great liberation in in everyone.
It has never been blocked, it has never been defective.
Buddha's and zen masterands have appeared in the world and provided
expedient methods, with many different devices, using illusory
medicines to cure illusory illnesses, just because your faculties
are unequal, your knowledge is unclear, you do not transcend what
you see and hear as you see and hear it, and you are tumbled about
endlessly in an ocean of misery by afflictions due to ignorance,
by emotional views and habitual conceptions of others and self,
right and wrong. The various teachings and techniques of
Buddha's and zen masters are only set forth so that you will
individually step back into yourself, understand your own
original mind and see your own original nature,
so that you reach a state of great rest, peace, and happiness.

LIBERATION IN ALL PLACES: Don't seek a Buddha, don't seek a teaching,
don't seek a community. Don't seek virtue, knowledge, intellectual understanding,
and so on. When feelings of defilement and purity are ended, still don't hold to
this non seeking and consider it right. Don't dwell at the point of ending,
and don't long for heavens or fear hells. When you are unhindered by bondage or
freedom, then this is called liberation of mind and body in all places.

~~~~~CHAOS AND SELF (From me at DuGBuG office, Liquid Zen page.)
FREE SELF: Chaos seems to be everywhere a rising column of cigarette smoke
breaks into wild swirls. A flag snaps back and forth in the wind.
With the flag you know that it's the wind that snaps the flag around.
But with out mind you wouldn't know that. and you would not know that the
wind came from the weather, and the weather came from the sun and moon.
The moon and sun came from the beginning of life itself. Yet people live seeing
only the flag snapping in the wind, with no idea what is going on.
Be true with yourself you feel it, so believe what you feel.
Not believing in yourself only holds you back and only gives you regrets.
That's no freedom.

PIGEONS AND FREE WILL: Are pigeons intelligent enough or dumb enough
to be trained to fly suicide missions during wartime? The answer is yes.
Using the principles of positive reinforcement, skinner trained pigeons during
W.W.II to peck at keys that controlled the bomb they were riding.
As the enemy ship moved, the pigeons would peck the controls to maintain
the missile on track of its target. The pigeon bomb never saw battle,
but simulated tests proved successful.

So humans being the only animal that possesses self awareness, imagination, and reason,
humans are the "freak of the universe" (R.FROMM)
You would think we would have the free will to not let our self's be trained to
peck at a key, dropping to our demise. "Are we man or pigeon"?

NO CONCERN: Just put thoughts to rest and don't seek outward anymore.
When things come up, then give them your attention; just trust what is functional
in you at present, and you have nothing to be concerned about.

A BAD DAY: What from the magnitude of the shock might have been a column
of water running upright in the dark butted against the ship, broke short and
fell on her bridge crushingly, from on high, with a dead burying weight.
A flying fragment of that collapse, a mere splash, enveloped them in one swirl
from their feet over their heads, filling violently their ears, mouths, and nostrils with
salt water. It knocked out their legs, wrenched in haste at their arms, seethed away
swiftly under their chins; and opening their eyes they saw the piledup masses
of foam dashing to and fro amongst what looked like the fragments of a ship.
"And you were thinking your day was bad"!
((( The raft of Medusa )))

ILLUMINATING PERCEPTION: When you illuminate your perception, your eyes
are like a thousand suns, so that nothing can escape notice.
Ordinarily, people just never been so observant, but they should not give up
in frustration because of underestimating themselves.

MIND'S EYE: It is though you have an eye that sees all forms but does not see
itself this is how your mind is. Its light penetrates everywhere and engulfs everything,
so why does it not know itself?

DON'T RUSH: Ying Shaowu said to Zen master Zhenjing Wen.
Whatever is rushed to maturity will surely break down early.
Whatever is accomplished in a hurry will surely be easily destroyed.
What is done without making consideration for the long run, and is hastily finished,
is not of a far reaching and great character.
Therefore it is said "When you want to be quick, you don't succeed; act carefully
and you won't miss!"

REFLECTION: In managing affairs one must weigh the heavy and the light;
when speaking out one must first think and reflect. Strive to accord with the
middle way, do not allow bias. Hasty and careless actions seldom bring success.
Even if you can get done in this way, after all you cannot complete anything totally.

KNOW YOURSELF: I tell people to get to know themselves.
Some people think this means what beginners observe, and consider it easy to
understand. Reflect more carefully, in a more leisurely manner,
what do you call your self?

TRUE SELF: How do you understand your true self? What are you? Do you know?
If you don't know, only go straight don't know. Then this don't know mind mind cuts
off all thinking, and your online situation, online condition, and online opinion disappear.
Then your correct situation, correct condition, and correct opinion appear very simple.

THE FREE SELF: If you want to be free, get to know your real self.
It has no form, no appearance, no root, no basis, no abode, but is lively and buoyant.
It responds with versatile facility, but its function cannot be located.
Therefore when you look for it you become further from it,
when you seek it you turn away from it all the more.
"Are we, are we ourselves?" ((( THE FIXX--1984 )))

CONFUSION: Due to confusion, people mistake things for themselves;
covetousness flares up, and they get into vicious cycles that cloud perceptions
and enshroud them in ignorance. The vicious cycles go on and on,
and people cannot be free.

Empty and calm and devoid of self is the nature of all things.
No individual being in reality exists.
There is no end or beginning, nor any middle course.
All is illusion, as in a vision or dream.
All beings in the world are beyond the realm of words.
Their ultimate nature, pure and true, is like the infinity of space.

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****The start of my website in 1997 I was working on aiming the site to
be a mix of Zen and Chaos Theory because I was interested in
that in college at the time. But for the time it was over my head for
the site to be 100% that way. The "DuGBuG database" page is setup
with Zen and Chaos Theory in mind. The more you look the more you find.
Like a fractal zoom of links all on one page, down loadable for offline use,
a mind blower for the time.

All things take time, making my site is like:

THE IMPASSABLE BARRIER: Even if you attain realization of the emptiness
of persons and things, this does not measure up to the way of Zen.
Even if you embody complete function and complete perception,
this is still not the essential wonder of Zen.
You must break through the impassable barrier and
get to know the opening beyond.

So in your life, I hope you get to know.

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