Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tell the truth!

In these times it does get bad fast. But as a reporter, story bomb dropper,
you know there is a need to tell the truth, no matter if the story you
want to do is all shiny polished & overdone!

The people will know, someone will notice! Those story's are wooden nickels!

Report for the people not your one & only own view, because we all are
in the same boat together! Have others in mind.
( http://www.angelfire.com/bug/dugbuglas2/HOPE.html )

***This is a reprint of a story I did when I was on the Current TV website
posting stuff. My archive is at:  https://app.box.com/s/6dc0ayppezmqm4edrlkk

Cross that line, now going into the truth? That's ok, there is always a new day!
With my stuff I post here, it does not matter if people don't believe it's
from my past or others past, the ending has a beginning or something like that.
So the point is to make better.

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