Sunday, June 14, 2015


Things happen for a reason, known, unknown, wanted, unwanted!
Being superstitious is really like a way to suppress and depress you.
I see that and know I don't want that, it might bring me down for a bit.
But I come back.

I did this story before a little ago then the next day after I did it
I found out a construction worker fell at work and died later.
Is it superstition? I was sort of guided to do this story.
At work I seen a box what had mirrors written on it.
And the first thing I thought was like the box dropping,
breaking the mirrors. Then the song popped in my head
from Europe, Superstitious. And realizing what the song was saying
later when I listened to it, it goes all directions. And I also realized
I did a story a little back "Where have I been, Mirror, Mirror."
So I saw it as meant to be like on the same plane!

Plane (esotericism) "In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the 
physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends 
the known physical universe."

Then that bad stuff happened so I pulled the story!
But now it's back for the better of the people.
Like a new day, or the other half of your day, it's all ok!

So really we don't need superstition these days.
I don't close no doors, my door is always open anytime!
So I don't belong to superstition. I don't hide in a box because
there is no room in a box! If I did belong to superstition,
down the road I would realize I am missing out on everything
over false fears and I would get out of my box!

So... These days there is too much superstition and not enough. ( ( boom! ) )

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