Monday, August 1, 2016

Clinton leads among wealthy voters to fund the underclass

I don't know if many figured it out yet you can just hear the Trump types
crying about it. Also on the part about raising taxes on the rich but not
able to connect the two being they can't think more than a few inches at
a time!

The wealthy does want the wages to go up they are ok with paying more taxes.

Being it supports the consumers that are staying home a lot doing without!
This is hurting many businesses as they hit a wall as the consumers shutdown till
next pay day. The sales time is limited between times. Shorter and shorter now!
No business owner wants to lower their prices to match the poverty wages
of the people. That makes no room for growth in a business!

Paying higher taxes raising the pay is ok being it will stabilize the consumers that
these days rely on those tax dollars to cover their rent, food stamps and life, being
they had the same wages for the last 20 years with inflation.

They know the wages needs to go up because their businesses are closing
or ready to close. It is clear K-mart is holding on till the election.
They also want the pay to go up who wouldn't want consumers with money
come in their stores!

The other option is to shut down your business because of the broke people.
Well it's the shits! There are also people that don't want the pay to go up because
they will raise the cost of the merchandise, like the prices will be the same
as it was in the 1980's! No, they will just be not able to buy those high priced
things lowering the sales killing the stores. They care that they will raise the prices
but don't care they will wipe out most of the stores not being able to buy things
from those stores. Death for stores!

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