Thursday, August 4, 2016

I love life my love is alive and the love sickness

Lovesick... Well yes I am. There is a point in life where the stars in the sky
have no meaning when you miss the best thing for you. It all comes to life
the awareness all around you has less meaning vs the one you love.

Walking away from your destiny is not a one way road this kind
of stuff does not do the others any good as they all sit waiting for their
other half. It effects what you do as those things are less significant vs
a married gypsy lady that bulldozed you. The alpha putting a leash on you.
And it is ok for a married lady to put the leash on a guy
as it makes her a better person also. It makes the stars have meaning!
Bulldozing is putting love on you! She chose you!

TMI? Otherwise you just stand there missing out the rest of your life.
No one can help how the stars point the way it does not matter
on being married of not it's best to follow the stars.
No TMI is worth the loss! What are you going to miss all of your life?
Let it all go, turning old, letting time take it's hold? Life is short!

Love is fair it does not claim ownership. In that for a wife to have
someone for her best interest makes her the best interest for everyone
you loose nothing! Love is alive!

The love sickness from missing the lady years and years later point to the
worth reflecting the worth of a married gypsy lady!
The worrying on containing the secrets as one panics love sick
stressed about it worrying about letting that out as you can't keep locked up
all your life. Well what is life worth if you love life but fail to note the others
by your side. A little love makes all alive!
Everyone needs to know they are loved and belong.
Put the leash on and take that dog home!

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