Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cars that are fake anyway


One of the things I have noticed the most is how cars today really
don't respond much to "Redneck modifications" like they have in the past.
That modification you did to your 90's car would of gave you 20 horsepower.
But with today's cars no mater what you do it's like you only gain 5 horsepower.
With about the same horsepower stock for both cars old and new.
It's like the car today is made to keep you suppressed.

But the main point of this story is to point at that saying
"People that work don't know fishing!" That is more noted when you
look at the rich in the way the more you have the harder life is
and more money you spend. Or you make more and you spend more.

You see the light point to the question "when are you going to make living."

Or looking at the cost of everything as it is to you only to ask do I need it!

You get the view!

It was said once in the 90's that if Bill Gates was walking and seen a $100
bill, the time it takes him to bend over to pick it up he would of lost money!
The money he made was more than the $100 in the time frame to pick it up!
Really what kind of life is that?

Oh lord will you give me a Mercedes! Well when you look at it for what it is
I don't want one! If I see one or a BMW I would laugh at them.
Or ask they if they checked their oil lately!

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