Thursday, March 6, 2014

Propaganda in the Soviet Union - Ukraine invasion

From just my point of view on the Soviet Union with the threat
of invasion of the Ukraine, to the fact will Russia really do it?
In the light of Russia's past on propaganda and to ask, really is
Russia that stable to hold it's ground there. It cost money to take over
a country then to stabilize it!

These days one just does not take over another country!
You need to look at it like how the USA was in Iraq and Pakistan
for such a long time how much it cost us!

Now look at Ukraine with the cost it would have to be in the same
principle as the cost to the USA to keep Iraq etc stable. In the long run!
Russia is just not up for that! Russia in the Ukraine won't be all flowers
there will be hardships making a big cost for Russia by being there!

So for me I just see the old Propaganda machine is up and running again.

According to Robert Conquest, "All in all, unprecedented terror must seem
necessary to ideologically motivated attempts to transform society massively and
speedily, against its natural possibilities. The accompanying falsifications took place,
and on a barely credible scale, in every sphere. Real facts, real statistics,
disappeared into the realm of fantasy.
History, including the History of the Communist Party, or rather especially the
history of the Communist Party, was rewritten. Unpersons disappeared from
the official record. A new past, as well as new present, was imposed on the
captive minds of the Soviet population, as was, of course, admitted when
truth emerged in the late 1980s".

So for me I don't really see a invasion as truth! But I don't know!
If they are for real about going in I would see the cost of holding it, too much
for Russia, being the American $ will tend to stop going that way!
And that would be Russia's Iraq in cost! It won't last long if it happened!

All of this could be a shake up for the people of Russia, sort of like
to get people away from the American dollar - stocks related.
So they could be more reliant on their country.

I don't know really! It's just madness. Is Russia in that bad shape that
the Ukraine's resources can save Russia? Do they need more tax payers?
Is Russia out of oil, bone dry to the point they have to invade?
Yes it's stupid, but I wonder why it has to be stupid!
What real reason is Russia wanting to do this?
Being it really wont do much good!

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